China represents an unparalleled growth opportunity for Western pharmaceutical companies. While it’s not uncommon for Western companies to have a manufacturing presence in solid and oral drug manufacturing in China, the aseptic injectables market has remained elusive, restricted to imports and leaving the market untapped for domestic sourcing.

And then came PaizaBio.

Working with our strategic partner, AUSIA BioTech, PaizaBio is the portal of entry for Western pharmaceutical companies seeking to fast-track a strong and growing presence in China for current and future portfolios of aseptic injectable drugs, and to do so while adhering to stringent high quality standards.

We offer contract manufacturing of aseptic fill-and-finish services for Western companies operating or seeking to expand in China and the Sino-influenced Asian region; and with full assurance of meeting your quality standards and specifications.

PaizaBio provides access to China’s leading CMO specializing in the sterile manufacturing of parenterals for more than two decades and dedicated to ensuring absolute quality in the critical services of aseptic processing. As a commitment to this objective, we have incorporated training and quality management systems, which are unparalleled in the industry and provide each client complete transparency to service operations.

Our multi-lingual client alliance management and customer service project teams support quality, communications, and confidence from day one and throughout each project and strategic partnership.

We also provide expertise in Chinese regulatory compliance practices via cFDA, facilitating new product registration and faster time-to-market.

With PaizaBio, the opportunity for expansion in China and China-influences Asian region is unlimited.

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