David Deere is a veteran global pharmaceutical professional with product, line, and operational management roles with major multinational, specialty multinational, and small organizations based in the United States and abroad. Prior to joining PaizaBio, David served as vice president, Worldwide Marketing and Regulatory Affairs for Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (formerly ICN). While with Valeant, he helped triple the company’s turnover and capitalization value and expanded its geographic presence through acquisitions with operations in 14 countries and a direct sales force in 30. He also served as global therapeutic head, ID/Virology, F. Hoffman-La Roche, AG, in Basel, Switzerland, and product director, Anti-Infectives, Genentech (formerly Roche Labs). During his tenure with Roche/Genentech, David helped shepherd more than half a dozen first-in-class, therapeutically intensive products, covering multiple categories, including the first pivotal HIV drug to reverse disease progression; thus facilitating long-term clinical disease management of a previously fatal global pandemic. David is the founder of Biovane, Inc., a management consultancy that assists companies in the life science sector with funding, organization, and clinical and commercial development strategies. David earned an MBA in Marketing and Masters in International Management Studies from the University of Texas, and a BS in Microbiology and Comparative Biology from the University of Tennessee.