Our mission is to serve as the portal of entry for Western pharmaceutical companies seeking to participate in the Chinese opportunity: For China, In China, To Western Standards.


Uncompromising Quality

PaizaBio strives to deliver nothing less than exceptional quality in our processes, our products and our services, so that our customers will succeed in China’s dynamic marketplace.

Exceptional People

We recruit and retain the best people and give them the opportunity to excel on behalf of our customers. Our people are valued, and they, in turn, value our customers.

Ongoing Education

We recognize that change is constant and lifelong learning is the key to success. Education of our people will be ongoing via our own aseptic training facility and other industry arenas.


We conduct our business in a manner that fosters mutual respect and extend respect to the nation of China for the opportunities it affords to conduct a thriving, healthy business.


Integrity is sacrosanct; no aseptic CMO business can succeed without complete trust, particularly in those where consumers entrust us with their health. We endeavor to base all relationships on trust.


We operate our business as an extension of our customers’ businesses. Thus transparency is integral to all that we do, from initial meetings through production and reporting.

Our Promise

PaizaBio promises to conduct business with our clients and our stakeholders with the utmost integrity, respect, and commitment to meeting or exceeding expectations for quality and service. We will never lose sight of the fact that our goal is to support pharmaceutical companies who produce products that are critical to enhancing and preserving health and quality of life.