Forbidden City Lion

Today BBC China editor Carrie Gracie published a thoughtful article on the G20 Summit set to begin September 4 in Hangzhou, China. The city, usually enveloped in manufacturing haze, is swathed in a brilliant blue sky, a reflection perhaps of China’s expectations for the summit.

World leaders who gather in Hangzhou this weekend expecting the China of old will be impressed, blown away even, by the vibrant, high-tech city Hangzhou has become. This historic, beautiful city is home to Internet giant Alibaba.

Hangzhou is a rapidly emerging biopharmaceutical center. In June, U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced it is adding a new $350 million biologics plant in Hangzhou, to be completed in 2018. One of China’s largest contract research organizations, TigerMed, is located there, too.

Hangzhou is also home to PaizaBio, a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization and consultancy operated jointly by American and Chinese business partners.

How can leaders attending the G20 Summit not be impressed?

We (PaizaBio) expect that with China’s new five-year national economic development policy targeting the development of its pharmaceutical  industry to world-class standards with CFDA policy reforms dove-tailed to expedite and facilitate this goal, China will ultimately prevail. However, as the BBC points out, to prevail as a global leader, China must be committed to levelly the playing field so all can succeed – its country, people and its global partners.