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In an interesting turn of events, Chinese and Southeast Asia drug executives are turning to an American to “read the tea leaves” on the cFDA’s sweeping policy changes regarding drug innovation and commercialization. Announced in late 2015, these changes have significant implications for China, but also for global pharmaceutical companies that want to establish a presence in China or expand an existing footprint.

On March 18, PaizaBio’s David Deere will address approximately 80 high-level pharmaceutical executives at the Pharma China Annual Forum, an exclusive event held in Shanghai at Le Royale Meridien Hotel. David, who has spent his entire professional career in pharma with companies like Smith Newphew, Roche/Genentech, F. Hoffman LaRoche, and Valeant, has developed an expertise on China’s complex and rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry. He was among the first in the West to publicize the cFDA’s overhaul of its drug innovation and commercialization policies announced in late 2015.

David Deere, Chief Commercial Officer, PaizaBio
David Deere, Chief Commercial Officer, PaizaBio

David is the only American invited to speak at the Pharma China Annual Forum. He will provide attendees with insight into what’s driving multinational pharmaceutical companies’ (MNCs) strategies and the potential paradigm changing implications of the cFDA’s new policies, including its approval of expanded use of contract drug manufacturers.

The global drug industry is facing some harsh realities such as many of the top-selling drugs in the world losing primary patent protection by 2018 and increasing price pressures on drugs in America. These and other issues will have MNCs looking to the world’s second largest drug market, China, to maintain balance sheets.

Fortunately for David, the forum is in English, rather than Mandarin. He expects that hearing the western perspective will be eye-opening for Chinese drug executives who are already racing to adjust to the cFDA’s policy changes.