China's Forbidden City
China’s Forbidden City

In advance of CPhI China, Pharmaceutical Technology is hosting two days of live webcasts to create clarity on China’s new policies on drug innovation and commercialization. Hosted by Rita Peters, the webcasts bring two experts to the forefront for formal statements and personal insights and interpretations:

Webcast 1: Wednesday, May 18, 11 AM EDT
Dr. Xu Ming, Vice President, Import/Export of Medicines & Health Products
China Chamber of Commerce

Webcast 2: Thursday, May 19, 11 AM EDT
David Deere, Chief Commercial Officer

 Bio/pharmaceutical companies see China as a region of growth opportunity, but may be reluctant to invest in the market due to regulatory, business, cultural, and other barriers. The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) is to moving fast-track drug approvals and manufacturing options—to Western standards of quality—to meet the medicinal needs of the nation’s population.

The rapid pace of change in China’s pharmaceutical policies has generated questions and confusion. In these webcasts, Dr. Ming and Mr. Deere will offer insight into opportunities for Western bio/pharmaceutical companies in China, and address some of the lingering and unexpected questions about doing business in this market. As chief commercial officer for PaizaBio, a CMO with a state-of-the-art fill-and-finish operation in Hangzhou, China, Mr. Deere brings the unique perspective of 40 years in global pharma, including the last 18 months focused on China.

Both experts will discuss opportunities to explore business relationships in China.

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