The complexities of doing business in China are no secret.

Successfully navigating the complex Chinese environment has always been difficult for multinational pharmaceutical companies and others seeking to break into or expand in the world’s second largest – soon to be largest – drug market. However, the CFDA’s recent policy changes and pilot programs regarding pharmaceutical commercialization, drug review, and marketing authorization have added new layers of legal, regulatory, and political nuances that will require a fundamentally different strategic operational approach than in the past.

PaizaBio’s managerial consultancy can help simplify matters for both new and established multinational companies seeking guidance on China’s highly dynamic and complex, evolving biopharmaceutical sector.

Our multi-disciplinary team has decades of experience and expertise within China’s pharmaceutical industry as well as in global big pharma.


Like the royal passport – a golden paiza – presented to Marco Polo by the great Kublai Khan to ensure safe dealings in China, PaizaBio’s consultants provide wise counsel on the best path forward in the areas of:

  • Legal Entry Strategies
  • Regulatory
  • Commercialization
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics, Distribution and Cold Chain Storage
  • Quality Metric Innovations and Audits
  • Workforce Training/Development and Staffing

Considering the fundamental changes taking place in China today, what are your plans for taking advantage of these unprecedented opportunities?

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