Contract Manufacturing

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U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies rely on contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to fill-and-finish highly technical and critically demanding parenteral pharmaceuticals. These CMOs are located in the United States and Europe, thus restricting a global organization’s full integration of operations and overall increased footprint into Asia, the geographic theater with the fastest and largest potential in both near and long term growth horizons. Other expansion options, such as green-fielding new aseptic operations in China, could prove both cost prohibitive per output, and highly time consuming to build, staff and train to internal a company’s standards.

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Aseptic Filling

PaizaBio has two decades of experience in China in the highly technical business of aseptic fill-and-finish. During this time, we have established a reputation for our quality, integrity, and thorough and responsive project management.

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PaizaBio is somewhat unique among CMOs in that our strategic partner, AUSIA BioTech, operates a Freeze Drying Cycle Research and Development Laboratory that can perform lyophilization optimization services normally available only in an academic environment or a third-party specialty lab.

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Analytical Services

PaizaBio offers a full range of analytical services, utilizing AUSIA Biotech’s extensive laboratory facilities for testing, validation, analysis, and development. Our analytical testing is primarily focused on the analysis of the API/ABI active ingredients and characterization, during and after manufacturing to ensure the integrity of the finished product. AUSIA Biotech has developed and validated its analytical techniques following established industry guidelines. These include:

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