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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., June 11, 2015 – With nearly 1.4 billion citizens, China’s population is larger than North America, South America and the European Union combined. China’s economy is second only to the United States and leads the world in attracting foreign investment.

Now, it appears that Albuquerque entrepreneur and pharmaceutical industry veteran Stuart Rose is one of the latest U.S. investors in China. Rose, the founder of two commercial incubators in the Duke City, The Bioscience Center and Fatpipe ABQ, is launching a new venture, PaizaBio, which aims to serve as a portal for U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies that want to manufacture and market aseptic drugs in China with confidence.

PaizaBio is so named because when Marco Polo traveled to China in the 13th century, Emperor Kublai Khan presented the Venetian merchant with a gold “paiza,” a symbolic medallion that assured Polo of safe passage throughout China. The new company’s logo is a paiza and symbolic of its portal status.

According to Rose, PaizaBio, a company promoting “For China In China, To Western Standards” is a pharmaceutical industry first. The timing could not be better for the new contract manufacturing organization, also known as a CMO. “China is the fastest growing market for pharmaceutical products in the world—21 percent annual growth from 2007-2012. China is projected to reach the equivalency to the U.S. drug market by 2021,” Rose said. “Meanwhile, the U.S. and European drug markets are stagnant. If drug companies want to grow, they will have to expand into China.”

Which, explained Rose, is easier said than done. “China is not an easy market to enter successfully. They have their own laws and regulations, processes and culture. If a western company is not prepared to navigate the Chinese system, they can waste tremendous time and capital.”

With PaizaBio, Rose will provide western pharmaceutical companies with “safe passage” to China’s marketplace for injectable pharmaceuticals, a class of drugs with the most stringent manufacturing regulations and quality controls. With PaizaBio serving as the marketing arm, Rose has partnered with Ausia BioTech, one of China’s largest aseptic drug CMOs that is located in Hangzhou, China. Over the last two decades, Ausia BioTech has earned a reputation for quality and integrity within China. It’s now time to expand its offerings to the West.

“Ausia BioTech is an attractive partner because of their track record, established quality standards, automation, and sterile training institute. With Ausia BioTech, we are confident we will meet the requirements of Western companies that want to access the China market as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Rose said.

The official launch of Rose’s new venture will be in October during CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain, one of pharmaceutical industry’s largest trade shows. Until then, Rose and his executive team are quietly laying the foundation for PaizaBio’s success, something he is confident in achieving.

“Ninety percent of pharma companies count China as a top priority for expansion,” he said. “If you’re a Western-based pharmaceutical company, you must be in China. We plan to take them there.”

About PaizaBio

PaizaBio is a New Mexico-based contract manufacturing organization (CMO) and marketing agent that provides Western pharmaceutical companies with high-level support and rapid entry into the rapidly growing Chinese aseptic drug market. Operating under the vision of “In China, For China, To Western Standards,” PaizaBio is committed to quality, integrity and an innovative approach to products and services, including Asia’s first dedicated “Sterile University” training program. Visit