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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (February 25, 2016) – As China celebrates the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, whose presence portends an auspicious year of reinvention, the world’s second largest economy is facing an overhaul of its healthcare system and approach to drug innovation and commercialization. There are many questions about the path forward and PaizaBio’s chief commercialization officer, David Deere, will attempt to address some of them as a keynote speaker at the Pharma China Annual Forum™ at Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Shanghai on March 18.

The Pharma China Annual Forum is an exclusive, executive-level event limited to 80 participants drawn from China and Southeast Asia. Only industry leaders with keen insight are invited to present on hard to find business information.

Deere, a veteran of the global pharmaceutical industry that includes stints with Smith Nephew, Roche/Genentech, F. Hoffman LaRoche and Valeant, is an expert on China’s complex and rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry. He was among the first in the West to recognize the importance of the cFDA’s overhaul of its drug innovation and commercialization policies announced in late 2015. At the Pharma China Annual Forum, Deere will give attendees an overview of the strategic drivers that are likely to impact global pharma plus a Western perspective of the cFDA’s policy changes and potential paradigm-changing implications for China and the global pharmaceutical industry.

“Multinational pharmaceutical companies (MNCs) are facing harsh realities. Many of the top-selling drugs globally will lose primary patent protection by 2018. Meanwhile, the belated emergence of U.S. biosimilars, heavy reliance on specialty drugs with finite patient populations, and increasingly serious price pressures on drugs in the United States will invariably constrain profits. To maintain margins, MNCs will have to look beyond traditional markets and tactics for areas of real and sustainable growth. With 1.4 billion potential customers, China is the logical and default choice,” said Deere.

“Hearing this Western perspective should be eye-opening for Chinese pharmaceutical executives at the Forum who are adjusting to the cFDA’s policy changes,” Deere continued.

Among the cFDA’s changes is greater latitude in using contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to produce drugs in China, which Deere will also discuss. As chief commercial officer for PaizaBio, Deere assists MNCs seeking to establish a low risk, low cost presence in China through contract manufacturing of sterile injectables.

Commenting on Forum, James Shen, president of WiCON International Group and publisher of WICON I PharmaChina, said, “The cFDA’s policy changes provide a ray of hope to MNCs that desire a better regulated pharmaceutical industry in China that is aligned with rational cost structures. The Chinese healthcare system is in transition, requiring pharmaceutical companies to recalibrate their strategies and business models. We look forward to exploring these issues with David Deere and other respected Forum speakers.”