Sterile University

Trans-Pacific Aseptic Institute of Training – TPAIT®
Aseptic Processing Training Seminar
May 18 & 19, 2017 I Hangzhou, China

Aseptic fill-and-finish is the most demanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. As China seeks to become a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, in-depth knowledge of aseptic technique, quality standards, and regulatory requirements is critical for managers, engineers, operators, quality assurance and quality control personnel alike.

Achieve Knowledge and Skills by Attending
the Trans-Pacific Aseptic Institute of Training

PaizaBio and partner Ausia BioTech created the Trans-Pacific Aseptic Institute of Training – TPAIT® – to ensure an exceptionally prepared workforce capable of performing cGMP quality aseptic fill-and-finish operations. All training takes place in a full-scale, dedicated facility on the Ausia BioTech campus in Hangzhou, China, using an industry-leading curriculum developed by aseptic processing expert Anne Marie Dixon and taught by Dr. Scott Wheelwright in English with Chinese translation.

Core Areas of Training via Lecture and Hands-on Learning

  • Principles of aseptic processing
  • Basic microbiology
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Contamination minimization
  • Cleanroom techniques
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Quality management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Operator behavior

Early Registration and Multiple Colleague Discounts Are Still Available

Space at TPAIT is limited. The May session is filling up! We encourage you to enroll now.


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