Support Services

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Alliance Management

Western pharmaceutical companies seeking to take advantage of the rapidly growing Chinese market need more than a contract manufacturing organization; you need a strategic ally with unique, first-hand experience to navigate in a culturally and linguistically complex region.

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Project Management

From start to finish, PaizaBio’s multi-lingual project management team works with clients to navigate the entire manufacturing process, from technical transfers through process validation to release and inventory distribution, thus ensuring that the supply chain stays fluid.

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Validation is more than a regulatory requirement to PaizaBio. It is the key process we use to make sure we do what we do right the first time and every time thereafter.

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Regulatory Support

Regulations related to pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution are necessarily stringent. Companies either comply with the full extent of the law or they don’t compete. It’s that simple.

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Aseptic parenteral pharmaceuticals often present very specific technical requirements for internal and external packaging for distribution/inventory into a variety of environments. PaizaBio’s focus is aseptic parenterals for China and with that comes a deep understanding of both external market requirements as well as end user customer preferences for primary and secondary packaging. We will help each client meet and exceed all expectations.

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Warehouse/Inventory Control

Inventory control of API, materials-for-process, and final product is not what most people think of first when evaluating an aseptic fill-and-finish contract manufacturing organization, principal role, but PaizaBio thinks it should be a top consideration. After all, poor practices can and will have a profound impact on quality, regulatory compliance and consumer safety.

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