Support Services

Western pharmaceutical companies seeking to take advantage of the rapidly growing Chinese market need more than a contract manufacturing organization; you need a strategic ally with unique, first-hand experience to navigate in a culturally and linguistically complex region.

PaizaBio is the proven gateway for U.S. and European pharmaceuticals companies that desire fast-track entry into the Chinese aseptic parenteral market with total confidence that products will be manufactured to Western standards. We have two decades of experience as one of China’s top three aseptic contract manufacturers. Coupled with our experience with U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies, PaizaBio is positioned as a proven strategic ally that can elevate clients’ market entry and growth potential in the burgeoning Chinese market.

PaizaBio alliance management services include:

  • Multi-lingual account liaisons
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Project management
  • BAO-Gong® Real-time digital and visual quality control monitoring
  • Access to technical expertise
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Analytical & Laboratory
  • Regulatory support
  • Inventory control
  • Commercialization

Through alliance management, PaizaBio helps you achieve high quality aseptic fill-and-finish services in China, for China that meet your own internal quality standards, providing a secure and local supply chain at a highly competitive price.

Strategic alliances start with a conversation. What are your plans for taking advantage of the unprecedented China opportunity? We can help. Start a Conversation.