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Inventory control of API, materials-for-process, and final product is not what most people think of first when evaluating an aseptic fill-and-finish contract manufacturing organization, principal role, but PaizaBio thinks it should be a top consideration. After all, poor practices can and will have a profound impact on quality, regulatory compliance and consumer safety.

PaizaBio employs an inventory control system compliant with cFDA controls that reduces risk, simplifies auditing and reporting and is compliant with applicable regulatory requirements. Not only does this provide clients with proof of control and compliance, it allows us to precisely manage inventory of costly API compounds throughout their lifespan, prepare for product launches, respond to rapid market growth, and concurrent projects simply, accurately, and with no surprises. This, of course, is of utmost importance when clients are located across the globe.

All API compounds and finished products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse based on the requirements of the product and client.

PaizaBio’s meticulous raw materials and finished product management assures you of reliable and accurate inventory records and supporting documentation when you, or a regulatory body, requires them. We generate reports for quality and regulatory purposes showing what was used where, when and by whom in minute detail. This creates confidence among clients, regulators and customers.

From manufacturing to market, PaizaBio provides confidence in the quality and certainty of each link in the chain for your product in China, safely warehousing and controlling your finished products—and protecting your investment—prior to distribution. Contact Us for Details